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The BEST Coffee Shops in Cape Town 6 August 2018

There is nothing quite so satisfying as lingering at a pleasant coffee shop with a freshly-brewed cup at your elbow and your favourite magazine on the table in front of you. I indulge in this pastime as often as I can, and during the course of doing this I have built up a list of my favourite coffee shops in Cape Town. Most of these are in the Southern Peninsula, for the simple reason that that's typically where I am over weekends. Here is my list (my current favourites are flagged with a red asterisk):

Coffee Shop  Address  Phone  Coffee
Food Lover's Market in Claremont

Ou Meul Bakery in Cape Town

Peregrine Cafe near Grabouw
* Stag Coffee Company  6 Recreation Road
Fish Hoek (see my blog)
087 050 1045  Joga Joga
The Foodbarn Deli Noordhoek Farm Village 
Corner Main Road &
    Village Lane 
021 789 1966  Mokambo
* The Station Blend  Corner Irene Way &
    Houmoed Avenue 
021 785 2206 TriBakery blend
Gaslight Cafe Surfers' Corner 
Beach Road
021 788 6994
It's a Grind SPAR Convenience Store 
67 Rosmead Avenue
021 683 3244 Caturra
Honeybun Deli Corner Lower Main &
    Trill Roads
Observatory (see my blog)
021 447 0606
Food Lover's Market  Corner Vineyard &
    Dreyer Streets
Claremont (see my blog)
021 674 7836 Lavazza
Food Lover's Market  Corner Loop Street &
    Hans Strijdom Avenue
Cape Town
021 425 2814 Zicaffe
Ou Meul Bakery Corner Riebeek &
    Long Streets
Cape Town (see my blog)
021 419 0662 Bootlegger
Origin 28 Hudson Street 
De Waterkant
Cape Town
021 421 1000 Origin Roast

And also ...
Peregrine Farm Stall  Off the N2 National Road 
Elgin Valley
Grabouw (see my blog)
Western Cape
021 848 9011 Origin Roast
The Hoek Espresso Bar  Corner Daniel Hugo &
    Reservoir Streets 
Franschhoek (see my blog)
Western Cape
079 451 3019 Deluxe
Ou Meul Bakery & Farm Stall  27 Main Road (the N2) 
Western Cape
028 261 1568 Bootlegger
Kanna Kombuis 55 Albert Street (the R62) 
Western Cape
028 551 2343
Melk en Heuning Farm Stall  Off the N10 National Road 
Golden Valley
Eastern Cape
071 121 5553 Lavazza
Hand Made Coffees  38 Somerset Street 
Eastern Cape
079 388 7654

Please visit them and tell me if you agree. And if you have suggestions for other places, please let me know as well. That doesn't mean they'll automatically be included on my list, but I will at least try them out.

If you love coffee, check out The Coffee Mag, an online and print magazine dedicated to all things coffee-related in South Africa.

..... and always remember that it is better to have coffee when you don't need it, rather than to need coffee when you don't have it.

All content, design and coding by Paul Kilfoil, Cape Town, South Africa
© 2018. Do not copy without the permission of the author